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Open seven days a week, Parc Fermé offers a variety of breakfasts, lunches and dinners. With its careful blend of African culture and outstanding African fusion menu, the restaurant and function venue appeals to both the local and international traveler.

The urgency for quality goods and the freshest ingredients translates on the plates of Parc Fermé's menu sophisticated; refined yet understated delicious meals. Guests will not only enjoy the meals but also the friendly staff and excellent service.

The restaurant opens a platform for a holistic dining experience; business meetings can be turned into relaxed lunches. The up-market feel of the restaurant creates an elite yet inviting atmosphere. Elegant chandelier dining is juxtaposed with a calm environment. The ambience is earned by the mixture of contemporary and traditional décor choices. The pop of red accents found throughout the restaurant creates an excitement and vibrancy against the muted black and grey backgrounds.

Found beneath the Michelangelo Towers, experiencing Sandton is on the doorsteps for visitors, tourists or locals who just want an exclusive dining experience can come into Parc Fermé and get lost in first-class food and exceptional service.

Our valuable guests receive free parking when dining with us.